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NBM understands the challenges facing educational institutions. As a trusted technology partner to many schools in the area, NBM has a proven track record of adding value within budgetary guidelines and resources with solutions such as secure print release and follow-me printing. NBM provides schools with the technology they need to be successful – such as Interactive Display Boards for classrooms and copiers for the front office - at specialized school pricing. NBM has experience with network buildouts in schools to ensure optimal connectivity in the learning environment.

How We Can Help

  • Device Management and cost control
  • Automated print queues
  • User access controls at device
  • Find-me print release for security
  • BYOD mobile printing from Chromebooks, Android, Mac, and Window devices
  • Advanced integration with Google tools
  • Digitization of documents
  • Office equipment and network hardware specific to the school environment

Law Firms

NBM has extensive experience serving the legal community’s office technology needs, so much so that Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly readers voted NBM the Best Independent Office Equipment Dealer in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. We are honored to have the confidence and trust of the legal community, and proud to be voted by our legal partners as the best in the office technology industry.

How We Can Help

  • Office equipment suited to the fast-paced legal office
  • Cost tracking solutions to recover all client service course
  • Improvement of workflow and enhanced print security
  • Bates stamping solutions for trial preparation
  • Cybersecurity solutions to address compliance with ethical rules and data security laws
  • Managed IT Services tailored to the legal community’s data security obligations


NBM partners with many local non-profit organizations to optimize workflows, reduce waste, and provide reliable equipment. Whether it’s a 1 person non-profit or 500 person foundation, NBM has the solution to fit your budget. NBM handles everything from A-Z - from setting up, installing and training on the device - so you can focus on your mission to serve the community.

How We Can Help

  • Streamline billing to one single monthly invoice to include lease of equipment, service, supplies & parts to help with your AP process
  • Develop allowance programs based on your needs
  • Specialized pricing that takes into account your budget


NBM has been serving the local medical community for years. From small medical offices to large hospitals, NBM finds the solution best suited for your medical practice. Our office technology is reliable, user friendly, and secure in your highly-regulated healthcare environment.

How We Can Help

  • Secure print release solutions to ensure PHI is not left on copier
  • Secure electronic fax solutions for convenient and efficient faxing
  • Audit trails to prevent and detect exposure of PHI
  • Office technology sensitive to HIPPA obligations
  • Secure integrations with EMR systems like Epic
  • Managed IT solutions designed to meet your HIPAA obligations


Regardless of the size of your financial institution, updating your technology infrastructure gives you an edge over competitors who still rely on outdated systems and paper-based work. NBM's finance business solutions are designed to help you embrace modernization, simplification, and automation, and ensure compliance with fast-changing regulatory demands. Our services, solutions and hardware ensure the protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) while improving IT management and services, streamlining financial document processing, eliminating paper and optimizing device deployment to save time and money.

How We Can Help

  • Secure features on copiers including two-step device encryption, serverless print release, and audit trail tracking user activities and events
  • Availability of job logs to impose parameters as required under certain regulations, such as “to,” “from,” “when” and “file name” to be logged, reviewed and archived for conformance
  • Syslog and audit log (supports RFC 5424/3164 standard syslog protocol) enabling the IT team to monitor and review event logs such as when/what setting changes were made, which IP addresses have accessed the device, user authentication failures and firmware updates
  • PDF encryption and enhanced fax security

Architecture, Engineering, & Construction

From graphic arts to everyday office, NBM offers a wide variety of Wide Format Plotter options from HP, KIP & Ricoh. Bringing printing in-house can reduce printing costs and increase productivity. NBM has experience advising companies in the design industry, and consistently finds cost savings for your customers in transitioning from outsourcing or ink jet plotters.

How We Can Help

  • Increase productivity and cut costs by bringing printing in-house as compared to outsourcing
  • Cost/benefit analysis to determine the true costs of your printing
  • Consolidation of equipment to one fast and cost-effective device from multiple color inkjet plotters and toner-based plotters

Government and Municipalities

Serve the needs of local constituents with more confidence — and less paperwork. NBM offers a wide range of printers and digital multifunction printers (MFPs) designed to expedite everyday document management tasks in state and local government offices, command centers and administration buildings. Compliant with existing government contracts and programs, these easy-to-use, highly secure and energy-efficient devices streamline workflows.

How We Can Help

  • Massachusetts State Contract authorized vendor
  • Advanced reporting showing under and over utilized devices
  • Cost effective printing by redirecting jobs to the appropriate cost-effective device and setting device limits by attributes like user and color usage
  • Digitize documents from almost any source: MFPs, smart phones, scanners, emails, fax servers, network flows, Microsoft office applications and more
  • Consolidation of paper and electronic documents into customizable workflows

Life Sciences

Life Sciences companies must have the most up to date technology, address compliance obligations, and maintain the ability to scale quickly. NBM understands the complexity of life sciences companies from inception to IPO as the trusted technology partner to many area life sciences companies.

How We Can Help

  • Print job traceability giving you visibility into each job’s origin, author, and other details of print jobs
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies provide flexibility in your workforce
  • Equipment Scalability to keep up with your growing business
  • Security of Information sensitive to HIPAA and SOX