Core Values

THE NBM Difference

At NBM, our mantra is “think like the customer.” Customer service is at the heart of all we do and is reflected in our core values. When you partner with NBM, you get:

Family Oriented

As a family owned and operated company, we consider our customers and employees an extension of our family. We provide personalized service every step of the way.


The buck stops with us. We stand by our technology products, solutions, and service delivery.


From technicians to sales representatives to senior management, NBM’s employees are the most experienced in our industry. That means better, more efficient service for you.


NBM believes in building relationships and trust in our business dealings. We have earned our great reputation from years of providing outstanding service, solutions, and products to the business community. We never take for granted the importance of integrity in maintaining that reputation.


When you partner with NBM, you reap the benefits of our vast expertise in the industry. Our technicians, engineers and support staff are continually trained in the latest office technology. We are experts at our craft.

Locally Operated

NBM is proud to live and operate in the local community. We are not a remote, faceless corporation like many of our competitors. We will be there when you need it, wherever you need us. We know Boston, and we know New England.