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Our Promise To You

Whether you are looking for someone closer to your location, wanting to save money or to find a partner that you can build a closer relationship with, just let us know. We promise to make your goals our goals and treat your people like our people.

Our Service Philosophy

Since 1985, we’ve worked hard to provide all of our clients with the kind of experience we’d like to receive:

We believe in picking up the phone and offering you access to experts
We believe our customers are all unique and should be treated that way
We believe in treating people like people, with flexibility and understanding
We believe in resolving issues quickly and over-communicating
We believe our real job is anticipating your needs and helping you achieve your goals

We are committed to not letting technology get in the way of human beings: If we ever don’t live up to our standards or our technology doesn’t live up to its promises, we’ll try our best to make it right.

How We Make it Easy to Be Green

We’ve been around for almost 40 years. Not only do we fully intend to be here in another 40, but we also would like to see our clients and the greater community thrive. That’s why we’ve dedicated time and resources to finding the easiest, most cost-effective ways for our local businesses to go green:

Rockport, Massachusetts
Icon - Energy Efficient

Finding the most energy-efficient equipment

Icon - Water Filtration

Offering water filtration systems that minimize plastic waste

Icon - Recycle

Maintaining a list of helpful manufacturer recycling programs

Icon - Paper

Offering software and tools that dramatically reduce paper consumption without hindering productivity

Icon - Cutting Costs

Providing additional solutions to discourage wasteful habits and cut costs while preserving the user experience 

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