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We Manage Your IT. You Focus on Your Business.

NBM is a proven technology partner that drives the business outcomes, successes, and goals of our customers through reliable, proactive, and trusted IT support and consulting.

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Outsourced IT Support

NBM is an outsourced IT provider to many local small to mid-sized businesses. Outsourcing IT functions is particularly critical for businesses who do not have the internal technical resources to maintain and support internal network and IT infrastructures adequately and securely. NBM’s Helpdesk and Network Engineers will handle the day-to-day IT support, network performance, and management, so that you can focus internal resources on your core business.

How We Can Help

  • Comprehensive on-site and remote IT support for fast and effective IT troubleshooting
  • Management of network by experienced NBM network engineers and technicians
  • Proactive network monitoring and maintenance for better uptime, enhanced performance, and optimized security of your IT infrastructure
  • Strategic guidance and comprehensive IT roadmap based on YOUR business goals
  • Firewall and network hardware management
  • Email administration and management

Cybersecurity Solutions & Compliance

NBM guides companies in mitigating cyber-risk via multiple layers of cyber protection. While no one cyber mitigation measure can eliminate cyber-risk, NBM’s coordinated cybersecurity strategy and technology tools work together to protect your infrastructure and critical information, with each layer playing a mission critical role in mitigating risk. As regulations proliferate and data security continues to be scrutinized more each day, it is now the rule, rather than the exception, for businesses to have a robust cybersecurity strategy and up-to-date technology in place – no matter the size of your business. Whether you have our own IT professionals on staff or you outsource your IT functions, NBM’s cybersecurity program is scalable based on the needs of your organization.

How We Can Help

  • 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) monitoring and alerting
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions
  • Dark web monitoring for employee password breaches
  • Firewall and perimeter security
  • Cybersecurity employee training
  • SaaS applications monitoring and alerting
  • Advanced Network Threat Detection & Response tools & Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions
  • Consultation on outdated technology that pose security risks

Backup Disaster & Recovery

Every organization’s data is valuable, and regular data backups are a critically important function to keep you in business. NBM ensures backups get the attention they deserve, which includes regular testing and monitoring to protect your organization's data in the event of a disaster, server failure, or cyberattack. From payroll to email to business applications to Word documents, your business’s data is at risk where the actions of one employee can lead to your files being corrupted, held for ransom, or accidentally deleted. 93% of businesses that lose their data for more than 10 days file for bankruptcy over the subsequent 12-month period!

How We Can Help

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery solutions
  • Workstation and server cloud backup solutions
  • SaaS applications backup solutions
  • Business data recovery plans
  • Minimization of downtime and lost productivity

Microsoft 365 Solutions & Management

NBM is an experienced Microsoft Silver Partner, having achieved competencies and advanced technical capabilities designated by Microsoft. Microsoft 365 is a powerful all-in-one productivity and collaboration platform featuring the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook), business-class email, OneDrive cloud storage, Microsoft Teams conferencing and messaging, and the SharePoint collaboration platform. Transitioning to Microsoft 365 minimizes email outages, provides enhanced security features, and enables users to access applications from any location using whatever device you have handy. NBM has proven expertise and experience consulting with businesses to implement Microsoft Modern Workplace and Security solutions.

How We Can Help

  • Management and administration of 365 email platform
  • Consultation and training on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and other 365 tools
  • Migration of on-premises or cloud email systems to the Microsoft 365 email platform
  • Migration of on-premises server or cloud file systems to Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Design and implementation of Microsoft Azure server environments

Network Hardware & Infrastructure

NBM offers network hardware from several different partners to fit your needs, budget, and close security gaps created by outdated systems. Whether you are replacing a fleet of laptops and workstations, a server, a Firewall, access points, or switches – or building out a network in your new office space - you can rely on NBM’s experienced network engineers to successfully complete your network project. NBM offers flexible financing arrangements for network hardware to meet your budget.

How We Can Help

  • On demand skills and expertise when you need them
  • Data migrations from server to cloud environment
  • Consolidation or expansion of network environments
  • Procurement and implementation of servers, workstations, firewalls, and other network hardware
  • WiFi workplace upgrades and new office network buildouts
  • Lifecycle asset discovery to identify your IT assets

Co-Managed Services

NBM offers the strategic go-to and experience for companies who want to focus their efforts on business growth, rather than the rigors of daily IT support. NBM complements an organization’s internal IT team, collaborating to divide IT responsibilities based on skill gaps and time. Companies benefit by gaining access to NBM experience and expertise it may not possess internally – or by simply saving time on IT tasks that can easily be outsourced - while having visibility and alignment with business and technology objectives.

How We Can Help

  • Outsourced help desk and emergency overflow helpdesk coverage
  • Cybersecurity Coverage, including Security Operations Center (SOC) monitoring and SIEM tools
  • Network Infrastructure Projects and Network Hardware Procurement
  • Employee cybersecurity training
  • Email Management and Security
  • External and internal vulnerability assessments
  • Backup Solutions

Virtual CIO Services

NBM provides Virtual CIO (vCIO) Services to small to mid-sized businesses who are looking to focus on expansion and revenue growth without having to hire a full-time CIO. vCIO consultation enables leadership of the SMB to better focus on growth in order to sustain competitive advantage. NBM fills the vCIO role for those customers desiring a greater level of strategic business guidance.

How We Can Help

  • Strategic consulting on the latest technology in your industry
  • Improvement of business-specific productivity by leveraging emerging technologies and NBM’s relationships with cybersecurity and IT partners
  • Attendance at board meetings to provide insight on IT matters
  • White glove, concierge service to accomplish specific company goals