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Cybersecurity Protection from NBM

Cybersecurity Protection from NBM

Despite cyberattacks being on the rise (particularly with this year’s work-from-home environments), many small to mid-sized businesses still lack the necessary technology tools to properly defend their network infrastructure and critical information.  This is so despite threats and attackers targeting small to mid-sized businesses using the same tactics, and with similar frequency, as large enterprises. As regulations proliferate and data security continues to be scrutinized more each day, it is now the rule, rather than the exception, for businesses to have a robust cybersecurity prevention plan and up-to-date technology in place. For those who do not yet have a cybersecurity program in place, there is no better time than the present to deploy NBM’s cybersecurity program in your business and achieve true peace of mind.

While no one solution can eliminate cyber risk, NBM’s combination of risk strategies and technology tools work together in concert, making it harder for hackers to infiltrate your system.  Our comprehensive cybersecurity solution is multi-faceted and includes but is not limited to robust web security, firewall as a service, dark web monitoring for stolen passwords, next-generation endpoint detection and threat identification, remediation technology, 24×7 Security Operations Center (“SOC”) monitoring, and cybersecurity employee training – all for one affordable monthly per-device cost. Each layer in NBM’s cybersecurity program plays a mission-critical role in mitigating risk.  NBM’s SOC analyzes quarantined applications and files 24×7, employs next-generation anti-virus technology, and provides immediate risk identification and remediation no matter the time of day. This sophisticated level of detection and response provides your organization with enterprise-level cybersecurity protection as if you had your own in-house cybersecurity monitoring center.

Whether you have your own IT professionals on staff or you outsource your IT, NBM’s cybersecurity program is scalable based on your organization’s device count. NBM has deployed its cybersecurity solution in both small and large environments and alongside both internal IT departments and non-technical owners. Contact us to learn more about NBM’s cybersecurity-as-a-service program, and how we arm your business with the cybersecurity tools that you need in today’s business landscape.

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