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Is Your Business Prepared for the Unexpected?

What would you do if your business was hit with a cyberattack, locking up all your data? Or your building flooded, crashing your server? Or an employee accidentally deleted an important file? Or your email was corrupted?

NBM specializes in business disaster recovery for small to mid-sized companies in Massachusetts. Most businesses do not realize how important it is to back up their data. 60% of small to mid-sized businesses go out of business after a disaster making it critical to protect their data from cyberattacks, fires, floods and accidental file deletion.  And with cyberattacks on the rise, common scams like phishing can lead to expensive ransomware demands. Only 8% of small to medium business owners who pay ransom demands actually recover all of their data. That’s a pretty scary statistic!

Lack of business continuity solutions can result in costly downtime, diminished business reputation, weakened customer trust, and compliance fines. Preparing for the unexpected is a necessity in today’s modern business world, and we want your business to be protected. A Business Continuity Plan (also known as an IT Disaster Recovery Plan) with backup and disaster recovery protocols can securely protect your data so you can avoid paying the ransom, help recover from a natural disaster, and maintain normal operations.  With unpredictable natural disasters and sophisticated cybersecurity threats, the time to prepare is now.

Whether your network is in the cloud or on-premises, NBM has a managed backup solution for you:

  • Microsoft 365 Office Suite, Google Suite, and other SaaS Applications Backup: Microsoft expressly disclaims liability for backing up your email, One Drive and Sharepoint. Cloud backup is essential to protecting this data and also provides access to accidental file and email deletion.
  • Workstation Backup: if you are saving files locally and your computer crashes, you are out of luck. NBM offers per-workstation cloud backup to avoid this situation.
  • Server Backup: NBM recommends a hybrid solution for Server backup to achieve true peace of mind and minimal network downtime.
  • IT Disaster Recovery Plan: NBM works with businesses to understand how much downtime they can tolerate and their Recovery Time Objective (RTO). NBM drafts IT Disaster Recovery Plans to define how data will be restored in the event of catastrophe, so your staff knows what to expect and when to expect it so they can focus on getting back to business quickly and efficiently.

NBM offers business continuity assessments. This is an excellent opportunity to see where your data protection stands, plan for the unexpected, and implement your last line of defense. To learn more about NBM’s Business Disaster Recovery solutions and initiate a Business Continuity Assessment, click here.



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