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NBM Provides Comprehensive Incident Response and Disaster Recovery Plans to Their Customers

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BURLINGTON, MA – March 21, 2023 – NBM, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), is protecting small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) from cyberattacks by implementing incident response and disaster recovery plans. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting SMBs over large corporations because stricter penalties and harsher regulations have forced larger organizations to fortify their networks from attack, whereas most SMBs try to overlook this threat from affecting their organization. Cybercriminals have responded by searching for the “low-hanging fruit,” which is underprepared SMBs that are far too busy and under-resourced to develop a comprehensive IT cybersecurity defense strategy. NBM has responded to this by developing comprehensive incident response and disaster recovery plans for its customers to ensure that they remain in business in the event of a costly breach.

“Most business owners overlook cybersecurity because they don’t think it will happen to them. Additionally, they’re undereducated on how they can mitigate these risks without needing to hire a CTO or become an IT expert themselves. While they remain focused on growth, some business owners take out cybersecurity insurance policies in an attempt to secure their organizations. However, these cybersecurity insurance policies often become void if the organization doesn’t have incident response and disaster recovery plans in place, which the company actively implements within the organization. In the event of an incident, insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid paying, and they can routinely exploit ignorance or negligence on the business owner’s part when it comes to cyberattacks,” stated Amie Geary, Vice President of IT & Administration at NBM.

Incident response and disaster recovery plans are necessary to ensure that cybersecurity insurance policies will be honored, in addition to minimizing the impact on an organization. An acceptable incident response plan includes written procedures for multiple departments, including legal, IT, insurance, and even public relations, so that in the event of a breach the threat can be neutralized immediately. It’s vital that the threat is instantly contained, remediated, and removed so that critical systems can be restored right away. According to the 2021 “Cost of a Data Breach” report from IBM, they found “nearly 75% of organizations don’t have a consistent enterprise-wide incident response plan.” They also found, “The cost of a data breach is around 50% or $2.46 million lower on average for those that have an incident response plan versus those that don’t.”

For non-technical owners, it can be challenging to assess how well the organization is prepared, due to their lack of personal expertise. Yet, there are still ways to know if your current provider is adequately preparing your organization. For example, one thing the business owner should expect is access to a constantly evolving SOP (standard operating procedure) that details how each department should respond to different types of breaches. IT providers should be spotting new techniques ahead of time and developing responses to new tactics. Additionally, many reputable providers also implement, “tabletop exercises” with customers, which are akin to NASA launch tests, where staff practice their responses by talking through the exact steps they would take. This is beneficial because it aligns everyone’s efforts, ensures collaboration, and is also very useful in the event that you need to prove legitimacy for a cybersecurity insurance claim. It’s much tougher to assert negligence when the business is continually optimizing its specific response plan SOPs in addition to actively doing “tabletop exercises” to simulate cyberattacks on a regular basis.

It’s pivotal for organizations to set aside time to develop their incident response plan so they can secure their organizations and reestablish the “peace of mind” necessary to build a thriving business. “Businesses are heavily reliant on virtual infrastructure, and this is not going to slow down. However, with an ounce of preparedness, they can establish the solid foundation upon which a legacy can be built,” added Geary.


NBM is an award-winning provider of IT, managed services, and office automation technology to businesses throughout New England.  A leader in the industry, NBM designs and delivers proactive and comprehensive IT solutions that simplify and leverage the latest technology to accomplish their customers’ specific business objectives.  Celebrating its 38th year in business, NBM continues to provide outstanding customer service and innovative office products and solutions that enable organizations to focus on what matters most—running their businesses. Family-owned and operated, NBM has locations in Burlington, MA, Boston, MA, Bedford, NH, and Mansfield, MA. To learn more about NBM’s products, services, and support, please contact NBM at 781-272-2034, x1970 or visit www.nbminc.com.

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