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NBM Rolls Out State-of-the-Art Water Filtration System for Businesses

Burlington, MA – Local tech leader Northern Business Machines (NBM) is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Waterlogic, a global provider of purified drinking water systems. By adding Waterlogic’s eco-friendly water dispensers to its product portfolio, NBM is helping businesses across New England reduce plastic waste and provide fresher, healthier hydration options for their workforces.

This new collaboration aligns with NBM’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of today’s workplaces. With the recent statewide plastic bottle ban in government facilities, Waterlogic’s bottleless water coolers allow companies to stay ahead of the sustainability curve. The dispensers feature high-performance filters that remove impurities for crisp, clean-tasting water, while their sleek, compact designs add a modern look and feel to any space.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to support the business goals of our customers,” said Nick Tracia, NBM Vice President of Sales. “With Waterlogic’s renowned line of water dispensers, we’re giving leaders the tools they need to reduce environmental impact and promote employee wellness. As a trusted tech partner for nearly 40 years, NBM will continue providing the forward-thinking solutions our partners want as their needs change.”

Waterlogic’s range of water dispensers offers cutting-edge filtration technology alongside options for hot, cold, sparkling, and ambient water. Their touchless, hygienic dispensing promotes safety, while plant-based materials in their composition reduce plastic usage. With expertise in both workplace technology and sustainability, NBM and Waterlogic aim to bring more organizations access to purified, great-tasting water without plastic waste or compromise on quality.

“We are excited to introduce Waterlogic’s impressive range of water solutions to our clients,” said Tracia. “This partnership allows us to elevate workplace wellness and reduce plastic waste at the same time – a win for our customers and the environment.”

Marvin Salganov, Waterlogic’s Director of Business Development, shared: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Northern Business Solutions, a respected leader known for their excellence, innovation, and comprehensive approach. Together we look forward to bringing more workplaces across the region the sustainable hydration solutions they need.”

To learn more about NBM and Waterlogic’s new water dispensers, visit https://nbminc.com/ or call 781-272-2034.

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