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AI Use Cases: Streamline Your Customer Experience

Not all customer service AI should have you screaming “REPRESENTATIVE” over the phone. In fact, AI can do more for your customer experience than you might think. We sat down with Nick Tracia, Vice President of Sales at NBM, to talk about how AI has helped him increase efficiency — and how it could help you too.

Fast-track issue diagnosis

The true measure of good customer service is how quickly and effectively issues get solved. At NBM, AI helps with both. As a large dealership for office equipment, NBM’s technicians sort through information about dozens of manufacturers and models. Using AI, they’ve combined that information into one easily searchable database. That means faster solutions and less downtime for customers.

When it comes to implementing AI in your own business, start with the data. What information does your team rely on and how can AI make it easier to navigate?

Enable proactive outreach

Once you’ve identified how AI can help resolve customer issues, take a step back. Nick explains how NBM uses AI to be proactive with customers.

Managing printers is a large part of NBM’s business. Using AI, they can identify when customers have an unusual uptick in volume or error codes. Technicians can then reach out with solutions —additional user training, an upgrade or a service visit — before productivity takes a hit.

“It’s been a really powerful tool for us to be super proactive in making sure that our customers are having the best experience,” Nick says.

What patterns might trigger a proactive outreach to your customers? Consider how AI could help your business by monitoring real-time data.

Customize communication

Despite AI’s reputation, it can help make your customer experience more personal  — if you use it right.

Hands-on customer service has always been the pride of NBM. “You can always get someone live. You can always talk to a manager or supervisor,” says Nick, explaining how NBM keeps an edge on their competitors. “At the same time, we understand that there are some great benefits from utilizing AI and automation in the customer experience.”

One way they accomplish this is by using Large Language Models (think ChatGPT). In addition to generating text, LLMs can help you learn more about your audience. Try using a prompt like this to start gathering insights about your customers.

“Create a customer persona for a [job title] interested in [service/offer] located in [city, state, country]”

Another way NBM leverages AI is through communication tools like a chatbot on their website.

“Everyone’s different,” Nick comments, “Depending on the age of our customers or the type of vertical market or whatever the case may be, people prefer different ways to communicate.”

While it’s no substitute for real, human connections, AI can help tailor your customer experience using otherwise hard-to-come-by insights.

Interested in getting more efficient?

NBM can help. Whether it’s by consolidating your vendors, upgrading your equipment or offering IT solutions, NBM can help optimize your office, so you can focus on growth.

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