Financial Services Organization Reduces Expenses By 30%

When a Massachusetts bank was looking to better manage its printer fleet, they contacted authorized HP partner NBM for help to provide proven cost reduction strategies, improved security policies and same day onsite repair services.

Business Environment Challenges

A leading bank located in central Massachusetts was experiencing frequent printer breakdowns and delayed response from its local service provider. Its internal IT staff was devoting a significant amount of time to managing the supply replenishment and service repair process.

They were also concerned about security vulnerabilities because the printer models in use were older and did not have HP’s latest built-in security features. Devices were not getting important firmware updates, and the bank did not have a long-term printer security strategy in place

Technology Solutions

The bank researched local authorized HP Amplify program partners. Several other large banks in MA referred the bank to NBM as a preferred HP partner and service provider.

NBM provided the bank with monitoring software to assist the bank with a complete and thorough evaluation to identify all printers in use, usage levels, current firmware status and security features. NBM and HP also provided a complete analysis of current printer firmware and recommendations to mitigate risk and develop a long-term strategy to replace the banks aging devices with self-healing security enabled HP E-Series printers and multifunction equipment only available through authorized HP Amplify partners.

As an authorized HP Amplify partner, NBM was able to implement a comprehensive printer support program using HP’s direct toner program that saved the bank 30% on its output costs.  The program also included remote device monitoring to automate supply replenishment and provided same day onsite repair service, resulting in better support to its staff and relieving internal IT members from managing those processes.


Aging printer fleet that posed a security risk to the bank, high operational costs, delayed service repair for staff, and excessive involvement by IT managing supply fulfillment and the repair process


  • HP’s direct Amplify toner program
  • HP E-Series security enabled self-healing printers and multifunction devices
  • NBM’s local same-day onsite repair services and helpdesk support


  • 30% printer operating expense reduction
  • Provided the bank with the industry’s strongest printer security features
  • Improved repair response and relieved the bank’s IT staff from the burden of maintaining printers

Proven Results

Through NBM, the bank was able to leverage direct HP programs to significantly reduce its printer operational expenses and improve device security.  Only HP E-Series devices have self-healing embedded security features that trigger a device reboot.  There are four key technologies that are always on guard, continually detecting and stopping threats while adapting to new ones.

The bank was also impressed with the fast local service response and support it received from NBM.  Its employees no longer experienced delayed repairs and the IT staff no longer managed the supply replenishment and service response processes.

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