Energy Company in Boston Upgrades Fleet and Reduces Monthly Costs by 20%

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When an Energy company in Boston separated from its parent company, they inherited several older copiers without any service. The problem was that these machines were very expensive to operate, which left the customer looking for ways to save.

Business Environment Challenges

A new Energy firm located in Boston, MA was just hitting the ground running as it separated from its parent company. They were given 8 multifunctional devices that had come off a lease and were now owned outright. These machines had very expensive supply and part costs, thus making their monthly service costs quite excessive.

At this point NBM had been servicing the older devices for the better part of a year. The company was very happy with the level of service and value of working with a local dealer.

NBM encouraged the customer to reevaluate the company’s needs, upgrade the fleet to optimize operating costs, and significantly reduce spending. The customer was thrilled that NBM was proactive in helping them reduce their printing costs. Having never leased equipment before, the operational leadership of this firm put their trust into the experienced NBM team to give them guidance towards the most cost-effective solution for their business.



Customer inherited older devices with incredibly high operating costs.


  • Spending on current fleet was too high
  • Outdated technology
  • Changing office landscapes


  • 20% reduction in overall costs by replacing previous fleet
  • Rightsized fleet to adequate number of machines with changing office environment
  • Improved workflows and employee productivity with improved technology and functionality

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