Biotech Firm Emerges from Incubator with Secure, Green Print Initiatives in Place

When an emerging biotech firm was looking at best practices for printing, scanning, and faxing for their brand new corporate office, they contacted NBM for a one-stop solution.

Technology Objectives

The firm was anxious to roll out a fleet of equipment with common interfaces and functionality so that the end user experience would be consistent from floor to floor and department to department.  The primary concerns and objectives centered around security and sustainability.

Technology Solutions

Using the Sharp Open Systems Architecture and recommending two distinct workflow solutions allowed NBM to customize the ideal technology offering to achieve the client’s objectives.  The customer was using a cloud phone solution, and preferred not to install analog phone lines for fax machines.  NBM recommended a cloud fax solution and integrated it with the new MFP via a connector


Moving out of incubator and outfitting new office space.


  • Needed recommendations on best practices
  • Needed a vendor that would provide quality service
  • Wanted a single point of contact for all solutions


  • Customer was able to eliminate the need for analog phone lines
  • Easy to use touchscreen interface that connects directly with both secure print and cloud fax
  • Turnkey solution ready to go upon opening of new facility

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