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Workflow Solution for Accounts Payable


If you are using QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop or Sage 100 for your accounting and accounts payable software, NBM has an inexpensive and seamless cloud solution that can significantly improve productivity for your organization.


It’s most likely that invoices are being manually entered into your AP system currently. Imagine the amount of time that your staff spends keying in the dozens if not hundreds of invoices you receive each month. There is always a chance that costly data entry errors might occur that could result in over payments or past due notices from your vendors.


With the NBM Cloud Accounting Workflow Solution, invoices are scanned automatically for critical data and entered in your AP system. The software scans for index fields you select including company name, remit to address, PO number, amount due, and due date. Once entered, your staff would then examine the data that had been transmitted to correct any errors or to provide any missing information. Invoices may be scanned on any device and the optical character recognition software works with both PDF and JPEG files. Invoices that are transmitted to you electronically can also be processed and dropped into the AP system. You could also process invoices directly from Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive.


The intelligent auto-learn feature improves accuracy over time for invoices that are sent from suppliers that you work with frequently. Because this is a cloud service, there is no software to purchase or maintain. Version updates are done automatically and free of charge to the customer. There is no IT involvement required. There is also no additional hardware required. Any stand-alone scanner or scanner attached to an MFP will work with our solution.


Please contact Brett Boschetti, bboschetti@nbminc.com or (781) 272-2034 x103, for more information or to get a demonstration.

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