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There Has Never Been a Better Time to Consider Getting a Postage Meter from NBM

The cost of a US postage stamp increased from $.50 to $.55 effective January, 27 2019.  For our customers using postage meters from FP Mailing Solutions, the increase was only $.005.  The new rate for a #10 envelope run through a postage meter is still just $.50, a full ten percent lower than the cost of a stamp.

In addition to the cost savings, postage meters offer many other time saving conveniences as compared to having to run to the post office for stamps and to weigh packages.  All of the FP PostBase products come standard with a scale that calculates for correct postage on heavier or larger sized parcels.  Most customers use ACH to transfer funds from their business checking accounts to the meter like you would with an EZ Pass.  Feeding speeds for standard envelopes range from 30 to 150 pieces per minute.

NBM offers affordable lease programs on brand new units starting for as little as $95.00 per month including field service.  We’ll take care of the delivery, installation and training and will assist with setting up the ACH transfers.

FP Mailing Solutions is one of only three manufacturers authorized to work with the US Postal Service and the only one to really focus on the small to mid-size business space.  That focus makes FP and ideal partner for NBM and our clients.  In addition to an outstanding line of postage meters, FP Mailing also offers desktop folding machines, folding/inserting equipment, and high speed ink jet envelope printers.  Ink jet technology is far more reliable for envelope printing that laser based products because the ink process does not employ heat or fuser rollers.

Please contact Vern Hydorn, vhydorn@nbminc.com, if you would like to learn more about the fantastic line of equipment offered by FP Mailing Solutions and NBM!

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