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Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10…What of it?
After months of testing Windows 10 very publicly, it’s officially here.  It’s a free upgrade for most people too.  Windows 10 is a realization of a big dream that runs across a single windows platform including PC’s, phones, tablets and even the companies X-Box platform.  Now Windows 10 is mostly about fixing the mess that Windows 8 created.  Microsoft has combined the best of the last two versions of windows and has redesigned the start-menu.  You’ll get the familiar list of apps, settings and power options.  And what can be said about that silly Charms Bar (now gone)?

Q: Should you upgrade (who you are determines the answer)?
A1: Windows 8 Users with PC or laptop = Yes.
You’ve got an upgrade from a touchscreen interface back to an interface that’s conducive to working in an office with a keyboard and mouse interface.
A2: Windows 8 Users with touchscreen = Yes.
Your whole touch screen experience just got better!
A3: Windows 7 Users = Yes.
Although you’re an opponent of the Windows 8 interface, you have the flexibility to roll back to an entire Windows 7 experience.

Cortana vs. Siri
Let’s look at the NEXT elephant in this room here…we’ll catch up on this next time:
Cortana (Windows assistant) is the most exciting feature to Win 10.  Could this feature evoke thought about the constant rival between Microsoft and Apple?

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