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Ransomware: What it is and How to Avoid It

Ransomware is malware that locks your computer and mobile devices or encrypts your electronic files. When this happens, you won’t be able to get to your data unless you pay a ransom. However, this is not guaranteed and you should never pay! Following simple online security advice can help you to avoid becoming a victim.

  • Attentive monitoring of your network and IT infrastructure
  • Don’t disregard security and software updates
  • Teach employees to handle email with care; every message, link, and attachment (especially from unsolicited senders)
  • Encourage responsible web browsing and warn users about online ads that criminals might have secretly rooted with ransomware
  • Have a plan in place if an attack were to happen


Unfortunately, in many cases once the ransomware has been released into your device there is little you can do, unless you have a backup or security software in place. Your best defense against an attack is to start with a Cloud Back-Up Service that includes real-time back-ups (not just once a day.)



Fox News reported in May of this year, there was a worldwide ransomware attack called “Wanna Cry”. It affected more than 150 countries and major organizations including FedEx, Renault, and Britain’s National Health Service.

You may be thinking, “But, those are big companies. I’m safe.”


Research shows 63% of small businesses report having been attacked in 2015. And the rate of counterattacks on small businesses is increasing.


If you’re a thief, would you rather break into Fort Knox or the house on the corner that leaves its doors unlocked? The average ransom is small because hackers have turned their sights on easier targets.

Although attacks have mainly targeted Windows computers and Android mobile devices, Apple computers fell prey in 2016, and iPhones will likely be next, experts say.

The worst part is many companies pay ransoms because they cannot afford the downtime or the thought of losing their files. Their results of this is the same as it was before. They lost $300 and still have a locked out system!

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