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Making your MFPs Green with PaperCut

Copiers consume a lot of paper. Paper consumption takes a toll on the environment. What are you doing to assist in helping our environment?
Given these facts, users of copy machines confront a unique problem. How to reconcile the benefits of printer usage with the potential environmental impact of paper consumption? As one of the leaders in the print management space, NBM, along with Papercut, has the solution. We can provide the informational software that is built into the printers to showcase the environmental impact of paper consumption at time of usage.

PaperCut software promotes environmental awareness by making users directly aware of how their activities impact the environment. After all, the key to promoting environmental awareness requires promoting awareness. The last fact may seem obvious, but promoting awareness of the environment remains a challenging task. The challenge does not lie in convincing people to care about the environment. People already care about the environment. The challenge lies in providing information that helps remind people how much they care. PaperCut’s entire system is crafted around helping users remember this.

With PaperCut, companies and/or users can now track their paper usage and feel good about their ability to reduce the impact of paper production on the environment and save cost as well.

Aside from  helping with the environment, PaperCut can also assist with your copy machine security with Find Me Print. Find Me Print is a printing feature where a user’s print job is held on a server or on a user’s workstation and released by the user at any printing device which supports this feature. The user needs to first authenticate themselves at the printer. Once they have been authenticated, the user may select from the list of print jobs that they sent to the Server. This will help with duplicate printing and print jobs that are abandoned at the copy machine.

PaperCut’s Other Features
• Pull printing
• Secure printing
• Secure document scanning
• Cost tracking for printing, copying, scanning and faxing
• Cost recovery

If you are interested in learning more about this solution, please contact Brett Boschetti bboschetti@nbminc.com or (781) 272-2034 x103.

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