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Automate Workplace Health Screenings with LivMote

    2020 is almost over, but COVID-19 safety regulations are here to stay for the foreseeable future. NBM now offers a contactless thermal screening solution from Sharp called LivMote. LivMote is a smart, touchless solution that asks individual health screening questions, detects face masks, and takes the temperature of individuals in less than one second. LivMote simplifies the health screening process, delivering fast thermal screening to reduce staff and customer exposure and ensure your compliance with state and CDC guidelines.

    LivMote’s thermal screening solution is self-led, contactless, and user friendly. Individuals take a customized health survey on their personal smartphone before entry using a personal assigned QR code or company-provided RFID card. Once approved, they are directed to the LivMote device at the entrance of the building. LivMote detects whether the individual is wearing a mask, and then scans the individual’s temperature. Individuals are approved or denied entry into your facility, and the results are captured and available real-time in the dashboard. No longer does a member of your staff have to manually use temperature guns or manually monitor compliance. Our platform built on Microsoft Azure gives you full control of compliance policies, alerts, notifications, and reporting through a real-time dashboard, that can also integrate with your existing systems.

    LivMote thermal screening is accurate and fast, bringing peace of mind to you, your staff and visitors in your facility. Designed with security in mind, LivMote is the only solution with built-in physical tamper detection to prevent root access and leads the industry in data security. LivMote’s platform offers multiple levels of account security data-access permissions to meet your organization’s needs.

    Let us help you follow CDC and state regulations on employee and visitor health screenings, so you can get back to doing business.

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