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NBM Offers Next Generation Cybersolutions

NBM Offers Next Generation Cybersolutions

SMBs Now Experiencing Cyberattacks That Have Taken Down Large Enterprises


      BURLINGTON, MA – January 2021 – NBM, a leading managed technology services provider, is helping small to mid-sized businesses equip themselves with the necessary cybersecurity protections that every modern company needs to survive. Over the past couple of years, large organizations including Target, Equifax, Yahoo and now, Marriott, have been breached by cyberattacks. While these companies have huge IT budgets and dozens of IT staff to ward off attacks like these, they still have proven vulnerable. SMBs face the same level of cyberattacks and must take the proper precautions to protect their customers’ data as well as their own information from being compromised.  Cybercrime now outstrips all other organized crime combined. As larger enterprises are forced to invest in the strength of their IT infrastructure, via policies and penalties, cybercriminals will only have one place to go, small businesses. The most recent company to be in the news as the result of an attack is Marriott International. According to Time Magazine, “’The hack affects some 500 million guests, and for about 327 million of them, the data included passport numbers, emails and mailing addresses,’ Marriott said. Some credit card details may also have been taken.’”

     Amie Geary, Director of IT Sales & Operations at NBM added, “The bottom line is that if an SMB is hit with an attack like this, through penalties and damage to company reputation, it would very likely put them out of business. Coincidentally, this serious problem is actually relatively simple to remedy.”  Most companies have already taken a few precautionary measures, but in most circumstances not enough. Hackers thrive on businesses that are utilizing obsolete technology to run their business. If businesses want to ensure their compliance with new regulations as well as ensure that they don’t get hit with massive, unexpected fines, they need to remain current with cybersecurity and be utilizing next generation cybersecurity solutions to remain one step ahead of hackers.  NBM leverages sophisticated next generation cybersecurity solutions that includes dark web monitoring, staffed 24×7 security operations centers (SOC), quarterly network vulnerability scans, security awareness training (to educate companies on what emails and web sites not to click on) and expanded antivirus malware protection.

     “Minimal protection simply doesn’t cut it, anymore,” commented Geary. “We have made a significant investment in cybersecurity technology and educating our team of professionals. This has given us a unique competitive advantage in the marketplace, but more importantly we have the tools and knowledge to provide an unparalleled cybersecurity offering to our customers.”



     NBM is an award-winning technology provider of managed IT, managed print, and office automation technology to businesses throughout New England.  A leader in the industry, NBM designs and delivers proactive and comprehensive IT solutions that simplify and leverage the latest technology and cybersecurity to accomplish specific customer business objectives.  Celebrating its 35th year in business, NBM continues to provide outstanding customer service and innovative technology that enable organizations to focus on what matters most—running their businesses. Family owned and operated, NBM has locations in Burlington, MA, Boston, MA, Londonderry, NH, and Mansfield, MA. To learn more about NBM’s products, services, and support, please contact NBM at 781-272-2034 x1970 or visit www.nbminc.com.

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