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NBM Empowers Companies to Combat COVID-19 with an Innovative Approach Using Microsoft Teams

NBM Empowers Companies to Combat COVID-19 with an Innovative Approach Using Microsoft Teams

Leading Technology Provider Educates SMBs on How to Boost Collaboration


     BURLINGTON, MA — April 2020 – NBM, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP) is empowering business owners to accelerate innovation within their companies through Microsoft’s new software, Teams. Microsoft Teams is a tool that dramatically enhances every employee’s ability to collaborate by integrating the functions of chat, meetings, calls and collaboration into a single platform. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, mandatory precautions have forced small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) across the country to innovate after being thrust into an immediate need to keep their operations running, remotely. NBM, Inc. is proactively helping customers transition to their staff to a remote workforce leveraging Microsoft Teams.

     While working remotely is the “new normal” among many businesses, some companies are reluctant to change. Teams has helped these businesses bring value and collaboration to the remote work environment.

     “We’ve been helping businesses transition to a more remote workforce for a long time and it’s not as complicated as many business owners make it out to be,” stated Amie T. Geary, IT Director of Sales & Operations at NBM.

     “Business owners need to understand that the technology has matured to the point where they can recreate those same intangible moments of connection and collaboration using Microsoft Teams, that in decades past, could only be achieved through the use of a physical office.” Geary later continued, “with the Coronavirus in play, many business owners don’t have a choice but to adapt, but we’re seeing that once businesses embrace this shift they end up with a productive team that responds quicker to immediate business needs.”

     Another aspect of Microsoft Teams is that it centralizes all resources and then makes them accessible online, so that employees can find everything they need in one central, cloud-based location. This typically has a very strong impact on reducing employee downtime. According to one Forrester Study, “having resources available online in Teams reduces downtime by 14.6 percent.” When resources are available in one cloud-based location, downtime is reduced and complexity is lowered, making security and compliance easier.

     Geary added, “In order to shift your workforce to a more remote environment that new environment must be supported. It demands that several technology solutions get put in place beforehand so that the transition can happen smoothly and maximum efficiency. With minimal investments in time and capital outlay, businesses can keep their businesses running strong no matter what natural disasters, pandemics or economic recessions loom on the horizon.”



     NBM is an award-winning technology provider of managed IT, managed print, and office automation technology to businesses throughout New England.  A leader in the industry, NBM designs and delivers proactive and comprehensive IT solutions that simplify and leverage the latest technology and cybersecurity to accomplish specific customer business objectives.  Celebrating its 35th year in business, NBM continues to provide outstanding customer service and innovative technology that enable organizations to focus on what matters most—running their businesses. Family owned and operated, NBM has locations in Burlington, MA, Boston, MA, Londonderry, NH, and Mansfield, MA. To learn more about NBM’s products, services, and support, please contact NBM at 781-272-2034 x1970 or visit www.nbminc.com.

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