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High Volume Document Scanning

High Volume Document Scanning


Is it finally time to address the snowballing problem of having to store paper files within your organization?  Metal file cabinets taking up precious office space and off-site storage/retrieval service providers like Iron Mountain are very expensive.  NBM offers a variety of scalable solutions to assist with digitizing your documents.

If you have the personnel resources and time to commit to the project, we would recommend a dedicated high-speed Fujitsu scanner.  We supply equipment that can process up to 140 images per minute with a feed capacity of up to 500 originals.  Options include scanning widths of up to 11” through the feeder and maximum sizes of 11” x 17” on a flatbed.

There are two different outsourced options to consider if you do not have the resources to take on the back-scanning project internally.  The most efficient way to capture the images electronically is to have the files removed from your office and have them scanned in our partner’s secure facility that is compliant with all HIIPA and Sarbanes-Oxley guidelines.  The digitized documents could be uploaded to the cloud or returned on a variety of media.  The originals would be returned or destroyed depending on customer preference.

There is an option to have the scanning done without having the originals removed from the office.  We would bring in the necessary hardware and personnel to scan the documents on site.  Removing the documents would take less time and would be less costly.

Once the documents are scanned and indexed, we can also recommend both cloud and on-premise document management systems into which the files can be uploaded.  Moving forward, newly created files would be added to the document management system eliminating the need to store hard copies.

Please contact Vern Hydorn, vhydorn@nbminc.com or 781-272-2034 x1000 for additional information.

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