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Four Forgotten MFP Features that Can Help Improve Your Workflow

Your office MFP is something that you use every day, but are you really taking advantage of all its features?  In my thirteen years of training and demonstrating office equipment, I have realized that many people don’t really know the full extent of the features their copier offers that can make daily tasks a bit easier.  Often times, these are features that have been available to end users for years, but they haven’t realized that they have the capability – or maybe they have even forgotten that they’re there!  Here are a few common features that can simplify your workflow:

Confidential Printing

MFPs are digital, and with digital, you’re dealing with memory of some sort.  Most MFPs have the ability to print documents confidentially.  If you’re in a large office, and are printing sensitive information, confidential printing will send the job to the printer but will hold it in the queue until you release it with a login or PIN.

Batch scanning

Most people scan multiple documents at once, but did you know that many MFPs allow you to scan a batch?  So, for example, if you’re scanning a stack of invoices, you can load the entire stack in the document feeder and set the machine to start a new file for each page.  Instead of one large file, you’ll have your entire stack of documents as single page files.


OCR, or optical character recognition, translates your scanned image into an editable text file.  If you lost a digital version of an important document, this can save a lot of time re-typing.  OCR can work with both regular documents as well as spreadsheets.  While some copiers have this feature embedded on the machine, others may need a third-party software to run the OCR process. Take our copier quiz to find out what copier would be best for your business.

Double Sided Scanning – and Faxing

MFPs can scan double sided documents, so there’s no need to make single sided copies before scanning.  If you have faxing capabilities on your MFP, you also have the ability to fax double sided originals.  This can be a big time saver with a large document.

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Emily Almas, NBM Marketing Support Representative

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