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Back Scanning Solutions

Is it Time to Consider a Back Scanning Solution?

Are metal file cabinets taking up too much space in your office?  Are you storing documents at off site facilities like Iron Mountain?  It may be time to consider digitizing those files.  NBM offers a variety of solutions for back scanning projects of all sizes.

There are several approaches that organizations might take to convert their files.  Some will purchase a high speed scanner or use the feeder on a digital copier to capture the documents.  The problem with that method is that it often times requires hiring a temporary employee or intern to physically scan the documents.  It is extremely important that the documents are indexed properly and scanned completely which is why we recommend a professional outsourced approach.

There are two ways that we can engage on the back scanning projects.  First, we can come onsite with scanning equipment and personnel to digitize the documents.  That, however, is not our recommended approach.  The more efficient and less expensive way would be to remove the documents from the premises and have them scanned in our secure facility on state of the art equipment by highly trained professionals.  We would meet with the client prior to the removal of the documents to discuss how they would like to have the documents indexed.  We would also discuss whether the documents are to be returned at the end of the project or if they are to be shredded and discarded.

Our partner’s facility in CT meets all HIIPA and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.  They scan documents for the IRS, several states and municipalities and enterprise accounts like Travelers Insurance and Pepsico.  White papers are available to answer any security concerns customers may have.

Once the documents are scanned and indexed, we can also offer both cloud and on premise document management systems into which the files can be uploaded.  Moving forward, newly created files would be added to the document management system negating the need for additional hard copy document storage.

Please contact Vern Hydorn, vhydorn@nbminc.com, if you would like more information on back scanning solutions.  Remember, those invoices from your hard copy storage facility never stop coming and it’s much worse if you need to access the files while they are there.  Once you have digitized your documents, they are only a couple of key strokes away.

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