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Are You Taking Advantage of the Latest Innovations in Scan Technology?

Are You Taking Advantage of the Latest Innovations in Scan Technology?

Scanning has been available on networked multifunctional devices for a very long time.  Most of us scan to email, scan to desktop, or scan to a network folder and leave it at that.  Today’s MFPs offer advanced scanning tools that can take your document workflow to an entirely new level.

The vast majority of scanned documents are simple PDFs.  Today’s network scanners can now generate a variety of additional PDF formats.  If file size and network storage capacity are an issue, we can create compact PDFs directly from the operation panel of the MFP.  We can also create searchable PDFs and encrypted PDFs.  The encrypted PDF technology requires a password that is sent in a separate email to unlock the data.

We can also connect directly from the 10” LCD screen on the MFP to cloud services including Microsoft OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Google Drive, Box, DropBox, and more.  By adding middleware, we can connect with dozens of additional document management and ERP systems.

Available OCR integration allows for document conversion to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel directly from the glass or scanner on the MFP.  This eliminates the need to purchase separate software and add an extra step after the document has been scanned.  Bates Stamping and advanced pagination options are also available.

Gmail and Exchange connectors allow integration with global address books.  Emails coming from the device would be sent using the credentials of the person scanning and would not look as if the documents were coming from a strange device and IP address.

Please contact your NBM sales representative if you would like to learn more about taking advantage of the advanced scanner tools on your current equipment or to discuss a potential upgrade if you have older models.

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