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Are You Still Paying for Analog Fax Lines?

Are You Still Paying for Analog Fax Lines?


Traditional fax machines or fax boards embedded in multifunctional devices require analog phone lines to send and receive documents.  A cloud fax solution eliminates the need for the analog line by sending and receiving documents electronically.

Aside from just the cost savings, there are several reasons to consider a cloud fax platform.  For starters, it’s green.  Most conventional fax machines and MFPs print all incoming documents.  Inbound faxes from the cloud are directed to email addresses allowing the user to decide whether to print the pages.  Inbound faxes can also be sent to different individuals based on the fax number generated by the sender.

Cloud fax is secure.  Both outbound and inbound faxes are encrypted.  With conventional fax machines, sensitive inbound documents could sit on the device for hours with no way to prevent someone from reading or walking away with the pages.  The cloud fax delivery sends the documents via email allowing the client to choose who can see the information.

Cloud fax is easy.  All of your existing fax numbers can be ported over to the cloud so your contacts can continue to send inbound documents as they have always done without interruption.  Faxes can be sent from your desktop or from a connected MFP.  All of our manufacturers support cloud fax integration.

Cloud fax is affordable.  We offer plans starting at as little as $40.00/month.  That’s the average monthly cost for a single analog phone line.  If you have several fax lines, you are likely to be saving money right away.  You will be able to eliminate the cost of the fax board, analog phone line(s), and the paper/toner for those documents that you choose not to print when converting to the cloud.

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