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Are You Still Afraid of the Cloud?

Are You Still Afraid of the Cloud?

Are you buying from Amazon Prime? Do you watch Netflix? Do you stream music or video? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you are already using cloud services. Many of our clients are moving into the cloud in a multitude of areas. Here are just a few.

Cloud Fax Services

Traditional fax machines or fax boards connected to multifunctional devices require analog phone lines to send and receive documents. A cloud fax solution eliminates the need for analog lines and sends and receives faxes over the internet. Outbound faxes are sent to a secure cloud computing center for distribution and are encrypted for security. Inbound faxes are directed to an email address or digital folder for distribution and/or printing. The monthly charge is determined by the number of pages transmitted. We find that most customers save money with the cloud fax service as compared to paying for a fax board and the monthly analog phone line charges.

VOIP Phone Systems

NBM is in the process of replacing our own PBX phone system and moving into the cloud with Mitel. Up until recently, an organization would have to sacrifice some features offered by on premise PBX systems to move to VOIP (voice over IP). Today, the feature set for a local phone server and cloud phone services is nearly identical. The billing model is a single monthly charge for all of the hardware and services. We will be able to disable our Comcast phone lines and eliminate the need to manage phone system hardware. Comparing the cost of our current phone service and amortizing a new phone system over 5 years against the cost of the VOIP service, we will actually be saving money by moving to the cloud while insuring that we will be updated to the latest technology and feature set automatically.

Office 365

Office 365 is the Microsoft Office suite in the cloud. There are so many advantages to subscribing to Office 365 as compared to buying software. Most importantly, you can be certain that you will always have the latest version of the software and will never need to worry about updates on your local devices. The security provided by Microsoft is far superior to anything you could buy for your local email server. The likelihood of downloading ransomware or a virus is significantly reduced once your email services are moved to the cloud. Once again, the billing model is a monthly or annual subscription.

If your company has 75 or fewer users, we absolutely recommend that you consider moving to cloud fax services, a VOIP phone system and Office 365. Please contact Brett Boschetti bboschetti@nbminc.com or (781) 272-2034 x103 for more information.

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