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Are You Spending Too Much on Your Postage Meter?

If you’re like us, you are looking for ways to increase revenue and reduce spending during these challenging times. One expense item that you could be overlooking might be your postage meter lease.

There are only three manufacturers authorized to work with the US Postal Service for postage meters. This industry was dominated by Pitney Bowes in the early days and many of the leases in place today have just been upgraded term after term without reexamining the volume of mail being sent. With the ongoing conversion from traditional mail to email, many items that had been mailed in the past are no longer running through the postage meters. Marketing campaigns and client invoicing are increasingly moving to a digital format causing a reduction in the amount of mail being sent.

As a dealer for FP Mailing Solutions, NBM offers affordable lease options for mid to high volume postage applications. If you are spending $150.00 or more per month on your postage meter lease, please give us a call for a free cost and workflow analysis.

Many organizations have been forced to reduce headcount causing office automation to become more critical than ever. If you are wasting time folding documents and manually stuffing envelopes, please contact us on a quote for a new folding/inserting machine. We offer simple systems designed to fold and insert just a page or two along with sophisticated solutions that can pull from multiple sources. Software is available that identifies where each piece stops and starts so the primary feed can fold pages correctly even when the document size is not uniform.

We have leasing programs starting for as little as $150.00/month for folding/inserting equipment and under $100.00/month for desktop folders. It may be the perfect time to consider automating this process especially if you are working with a reduced staff.

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